About Steve Springer - Quality At Bats™ - Baseball Training Aid..

Steve's Career Highlights

Toronto Blue Jays MLB Scout

Performance Coach, working with the Toronto Blue Jays players on their mental approach.

Steve did not start on his high school team.

Compiled over 1600 professional hits.

Played over 14 years as a professional.

28 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

Spring's baseball background includes not starting for his high school team in Huntington Beach, CA. Steve battled to win a spot to play locally at Goldenwest College. Steve's freshman year in college he was 19 years old and got three at bats.

Between Spring's freshman and sophomore year, he grew four inches. As a 20 year old, Spring got a full ride to the University of Utah. In 1982, Steve Springer was drafted by the New York Mets in the 20th round of the major league baseball draft.

Spring played over 14 years as a professional and compiled over 1600 professional hits. 28 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

Spring's Baseball Training

Steve's pro career and unique backround.

As a professional hitter with over 1600 career hits, Steve Springer’s new baseball hitting aid DVD - ‘Quality At Bats'™ will benefit your mental baseball strategy.

Spring's mental hitting tips - drills DVD.

The mental side of hitting is more important than acquiring the perfect swing. Trying to improve bat speed and getting the proper baseball swing each pitch requires proper mechanics. Read more...

Testimonials from colleges - pros

Spring's approach benefits hitters.

Baseball executives, players and coaches at all levels - youth, high school, college and pros say
Spring's Quality At Bats™ DVD and CD work.

Steve Springer’s mental side to hitting “Quality At Bats™” DVD puts your baseball focus where it should be. Employing an effective mental hitting strategy increases your ability to provide quality at bats.

Billy Beane
President and GM
of the Oakland A’s

"Spring, if you knew what’s on this CD at 18 instead of learning it at 30, people might know who you are.”  LOL

Quality At Bats™ DVD - Baseball hitting drills and tips for youth little league, high school, college and pro ballplayers. Coaching at any level requires getting your hitters mental approach on the right side.


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