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"The Mental Side Of Hitting"™

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Huntington Beach, CA
Staff Writer 03-24-10

" Your batting average is Satan!" according to Quality At Bats™ Steve Springer. Also, known as Spring, he coaches hitters the mental side of hitting.

Spring's methods incorporate his unique professional experience and his realization the mental game is more important than the physical training.

Among the testimonials confirming Spring's Quality At Bats™ approach works, is one from Mike Gillespie of UC Irvine and Hall of Fame Coach "Do your team a favor and get this CD and Video for every player in your program,” says Gillespie.

Spring's baseball background includes not starting for his high school team in Huntington Beach, CA. Steve battled to win a spot to play locally at Goldenwest College. Steve's freshman year in college he was 19 years old and got three at bats.

Between Spring's freshman and sophomore year, he grew four inches. As a 20 year old, Spring got a full ride to the University of Utah. In 1982, Steve Springer was drafted by the New York Mets in the 20th round of the major league baseball draft.

Spring played over 14 years as a professional and compiled over 1600 professional hits. 28 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

With so many hits, you would think you might know who Steve Springer is. You know he knows how to hit a baseball, having collected so many hits in his career. But - you probably haven't heard of him.

The reason you never heard of Springer is because despite being the MVP on his Triple-A club 4 of the last 6 years of his career, he never received a September call up. Why?

"I was too old. I was 28 before I had a mental game. I don't want to let this happen to your son. I can help get your mental game going in the right direction," said Springer.

Testimonials from colleges - pros

Spring's approach benefits hitters.

Testimonials from baseball executives, players and coaches at all levels - youth, high school, college and professional all confirm
Spring's Quality At Bats™ CD works.

Steve Springer’s mental side to hitting “Quality At Bats™” DVD puts your baseball focus where it should be. Employing an effective mental hitting strategy increases your ability to provide quality at bats.

Clint Hurdle
Manager Pittsburg Pirates
and former MLB Player

“You’re cheating your kids if they don’t have this CD, it’s outstanding!”

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Quality At Bats™ DVD - Baseball hitting drills and tips for youth little league, high school, college and pro ballplayers. Coaching at any level requires getting your hitters mental approach on the right side.